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HCFC: Heads-Up Regarding Fall/Winter Field Closures

Dear Members,

While we hope that all games and practices go ahead as scheduled this season, we anticipate that the weather may not cooperate, resulting in periodic field closures. Any decision to close fields is based on a number of factors, including player safety and avoiding (further) damage to fields. Field condition, rather than the weather/temperature outside, is the key consideration.

There are many scenarios to be aware of, and we ask that you respect the decision of coaches and city or club officials to close fields (and thereby cancel practices and games). Please note that a referee has the responsibility to not play, or to abandon a game, if they feel the conditions are unsafe or unplayable.

How will you know that a field is closed for play?

There are two places you can check: City of Nanaimo website (under fields) and the Harbour City Football Club website.

WHEN THE CITY CLOSES FIELDS: The city lists its fields on their website and will indicate field by field what is open/closed, and the conditions. The City of Nanaimo rarely closes fields for weekend play; instead, it leaves the responsibility up to the User Groups (that is, "all of us": HCFC Board Members, Coaches and Officials).

WHEN HARBOUR CITY FOOTBALL CLUB CLOSES FIELDS:  Check the HCFC website for the status of Beban Park Fields (for weekend play). We will try to make a decision by Friday or Saturday evening; however, there are days when the decision will need to be made in the morning. We aim to post the closure of Beban Fields by 8 am on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

What about other fields? Even when the City has NOT closed a field for weekend play, the responsibility lies with the user. Coaches must be prepared to show up at a field and see that conditions have deteriorated and that a field should not be played on.  Be aware that The City of Nanaimo will fine teams and clubs (and user group) when they damage the fields.

Suggestions for coaches/teams: During periods of wet weather and wet fields, competing coaches should be in contact with each other in the days leading up, and on game-day.

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