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Referee Equipment Purchase

Small-sided and Youth Referees

For small-sided and youth referees, HCFC will be doing two orders for the purchase of referee kits from SoccerX in Vancouver. The first order will go out on August 1, 2018 and the second order will go out on August 15, 2018. For those taking either the Small-sided or Entry-level clinics in September, it is strongly recommended to order the equipment beforehand. This ensures referees will have a kit for the beginning of the soccer season.

Equipment will be sold at a significant discount due to HCFC’s annual bulk purchase of uniforms and other equipment from SoccerX. If you would like to participate in this group order please contact Ross Cameron at Kit prices quoted below are based on 2017/18 pricing information. As soon as SoccerX gets back to me on 2018/19 pricing, I will update this page.

SoccerX Referee Kit*

Two jerseys                     32.00

Shorts                10.00

Socks                          6.00

Notebook and cards 4.50

Pump                        13.00

Pressure gauge        11.00

Whistle                            5.00

Subtotal                      81.00

Tax                                  9.72

Total                        90.72

*if SoccerX is unable to supply a component of this kit, you will be contacted about a substitution. If the replacement item is more expensive than the item listed here, you will be required to pay the difference in price.

District and Regional Referees

Referees interested in doing higher-level youth matches or adult matches should purchase a 2018 Adidas kit (minimum black and yellow jersey, black socks and black shorts) from either in Edmonton, or Kirby’s for Sports in Nanaimo.

Hey Ref! has stock on hand and therefore orders are typically delivered very quickly. HeyRef! also has a great supply of referee items such as B+D Quadro I flags and writeable cards.

Kirby’s does a special order from their supplier upon receiving an order from you. Consequently, though they are less expensive than HeyRef!, there can be a significant delay in receiving orders. Use this form to order from Kirby’s: Kirby’s Referee Kit Order Form.

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