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“HCFC will look to play positive attacking play with the emphasis on keeping possession of the ball with the aim to go forward when the opportunities arise”
We want our teams to play soccer with a controlled tempo from back to front; our aim is to dominate possession of the ball so we can dictate the flow of the game. Our aim is to play through the thirds of the field with a measured approach where each individual player is comfortable to receive the ball whether he or she are marked, giving the player in possession as many options as possible and having the ability to change the tempo of the game when and if required.
We want our teams to attack with pace and intelligent when required, also know when to play forward or recycle the ball with the aim to switch play or pass backwards so we keep possession of the ball with the ultimate aim to go forward. Having the patience whilst in possession is an important element of the game and we need to ensure all our players know the importance of this and understand why we are doing this and how this will enables us to play forward with controlled possession. Whilst in possession we expect our players to work hard off the ball so it gives the opposition a problem, look to create overloads, play in-between the lines, know when and where to break their width so it gives the player in possession many passing options.
When defending we will either look to gain possession back very quickly or drop off and defend deeper. By looking to gain possession very quickly the players will look to press the opposition all over the field, this type of defending is called a “Press” it requires all players to be switched on, the nearest player to the ball will go and press the ball with all teammates making sure they have switched onto the press and have closed the space between the units and makes the opposition rush into passing the ball.  If that isn’t an option players should recover quickly to organise a compact defensive block (including Goalkeeper) behind the ball and be patient whilst defending in an organized shape,  once we have gained possession can we then look  to counter attack or keep possession?  With our defending we aim to have patience, controlled aggression and have all players who can defend 1v1 all over the field, this ability to defend all over the field will enable us as a team to regain possession high up the field when required. As a team we aim to make it difficult for the opposition to play through us by keeping a compact defensive shape which makes it hard for any team and forces the opposition to change their way of playing.
When transition happens we want our teams to be able to ....
1.    Regaining possession of the ball
a.    Can we counter attack quickly, if yes we will try to do so?
b.    Do we need to build controlled possession to start an attack
2.    Losing possession of the ball
a.    Can we press the opponent in possession early?
b.    Do we need to delay and drop deep to regain our shape?

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