Code of Conduct


By implementing a club wide code of conduct we hope to create an atmosphere where coaches and players alike can thrive and achieve all of their ambitions in a supportive and competitive environment.

Nanaimo United's Code of Conduct focuses on 4 main areas:

  1. Coaches
  2. Players
  3. Training
  4. Discipline


The club has huge appreciation for the time and effort that all its coaches put into the club. Every year we depend on the hard work and dedication of volunteer coaches to drive our club forward and this is never forgotten. The expectations laid out below are designed to create the best possible environment for our players and coaches to be successful this season. With that in mind we ask that:

  • All of our Head Coaches must consistently be at training and games, attending at least 90% throughout the season. We hope that this will rub off on the players in their commitment levels also
  • We ask that the club be informed of any changes to training times, nights or coaches leading the sessions
  • All coaches are expected to follow a “practice to play” policy. Players should be made aware of this at the beginning of the season. All players must be training regularly in order to play unless in extreme circumstances such as injuries, unforeseen events etc… We understand that certain players may come to an arrangement with their coach and team if they are unable to attend certain training nights regularly. e.g. due to work, school, family commitments
  • Training and playing philosophies must be in line with the clubs overall philosophy/style (see club “Playing And Training Philosophies” document)
  • Respect towards players, fellow coaches and match officials is vital as we look to create a positive image of the club (see discipline below)
  • A strong working relationship between all of our Men’s and Women’s teams is vital as we wish players to feel comfortable playing up or down as required
  • Create a positive environment on and off the field – create a place where players/coaches can thrive and enjoy soccer
  • Demonstrate a balance of coaching/teaching styles such as player centered, directive, guided discovery and be sensitive to the nature of the individual player
  • Offer opportunities to young players and coaches to develop within Nanaimo United through playing and coaching opportunities
  • Observe and follow the VIU player rules and restrictions which limit the intake of college players to 5 per team (This does not include red shirt players who join the club from the beginning of our season). Preferably we would like the 5 players chosen before our first league game so that the coach and team can plan with more certainty. Any further players who wish to join the club mid-season will be at the discretion of the clubs board. We hope that all players will benefit from the competitive but fair environment created by our renewed relationship with VIU.
  • Look the part. We expect our coaches to set the standards and this includes wearing the correct training/coaching gear


Every season we are impressed by the excellent standards set by our players both on and off the field. With that in mind below are the clubs expectations aimed at continuing and improving on the standards set over past seasons

  • All players are expected to train on a consistent basis and show a willingness to learn. Failure to train will result in a lack of game time. We understand that certain players may come to an arrangement with their coach and team if they are unable to attend certain training nights regularly. e.g. due to work, school, family commitments
  • Show respect for the head coach. All players should give 100% in both training and games and listen to what their coach is telling them at all times. It is very important for players to buy into the clubs playing philosophy in order for it to be a success
  • Show respect for match officials at all times. All players are expected to represent the club in a positive manner at all times. This includes showing respect to match officials and the difficult jobs they have.
  • Player fees must be paid in advance of the season and failure to pay membership fees will result in that player being unable to play for the club.
  • Embrace the competitive nature of the team. It is only possible for a coach to select 11 players for any game. If you are not one of those then a supportive attitude towards your fellow teammates as well as a determination to work even harder is vital.
  • When possible, all players are asked to wear their Nanaimo United training gear and match day gear.
  • All players are expected to show up 100% physically prepared and with a positive mindset towards games and training. We look for all of Nanaimo United’s players to have a team orientated attitude with an emphasis on helping the team and the coach at all times.
  • Players are expected to be supportive and respectful of their teammates in training. We want to create an environment where players feel comfortable stepping up or down in levels and to do so it is vital that all players at the club are encouraging and constructive at all times.


The success of any club is driven by the hard work put in on the training field. One of the most important parts of training is making sure it is done with the teams playing style and club philosophy in mind. The following are the expectations of both coaches and players on the training field.

  • Coaches are encouraged to incorporate their style and ideas within the clubs guidelines on training. Across all of our teams we are placing an emphasis on small sided games due to its proven development advantages. Will have provided coaches with our “Club Playing and Training Philosophies” document and it is hoped this will help all of our coaches understand the clubs short medium and long term strategy
  • Players must be made aware of the clubs “Practice to Play” policy and this will be a very important club rule going forward.
  • Certain standards must be set and maintained during training. A competitive and hard working environment in training is vital to a team’s success. It is hoped that all training sessions maintain a good level of intensity.
  • In the spirit of developing a closer team bond between our Div 1 and 2 men it is hoped that both teams could warm up and warm down together and that both teams follow a similar session plan so that all players are prepared to step up or down in divisions when required


Over the past number of seasons the club has shown a good level of discipline but there is always room for improvement and certain expectations to be met

  • Respect towards match officials is a vital part of the clubs philosophy and with new league rules regarding player and coach behavior it is more important than ever. We understand that coaches and players can get extremely frustrated by referees and linesmen during a game but please refrain from verbal or any other form of abuse that would cause damage to the clubs image and reputation
  • Player discipline off the field is also a priority. To be of maximum benefit to their team a player must be 100% mentally and physically fit come game time and also for training. With this in mind we ask that all players make sure they are fully fit to compete and if not that they inform their respective coach well in advance of training or games.


Congratulations to NUFC Ladie's Andrea Stebel who is the LIWSA and VSL Player of the week for October 20th ”
Congratulations to new coach Chris Merriman and all the Div 1 guys who took part in the campbell River Labour Day Tournament; well done!”

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