As a club we recognize the importance of implementing a similar playing philosophy across all of our teams. The aim is that all of our teams play with the same philosophy based on the 5 key moments of any game.

  • In possession - e.g. Counter Attack / PLaying through thirds / Direct
  • Out of Possession - e.g. High Pressure / Drop Off & Contain / Low to Mid Pressure
  • Transition from Attack to Defence - e.g. Win the ball back instantly / Contain / Drop Off
  • Transition from Defence to Attack - e.g. Fast Breaking / Maintain Possession / Slow Build
  • Set Pieces for and against - e.g. Zonal / Man to Man / Short Comers / Free-kick & Corner Routines
  • In the short term this will allow all of the clubs training sessions to maintain focus on how we want Nanaimo United teams to play and also develop the necessary skills in players so that they are comfortable and technically proficient to play in such a manner.

    In the medium to long term this will massively benefit the club in that players coming through from our U21's annd players moving between Division 1,2 and 3 will be familiar and competent in the clubs playing styles as opposed to each team going in different directons.


As a club we are always trying to stay on top of the most effective training methods and as such we have adapted the BC Soccer and CSA recommended Game, Activity, Game (G.A.G) methodology that we hope all of our teams and coaches within the club will embrace.

One of the main focuses of G.A.G training is Small Sided Games which we believe are a very important factor in developing a player’s decision making, speed of thought, ball control/manipulation and also gives the coach a chance to work on the tactical and technical elements of the game.

Small Sided Games allow players to learn within a game realistic environment. This can help each player understand their role within the team better as well keeping training fun for the players.

The G.A.G method of coaching typically divides training into four parts

  • Warm Up – Dynamic movements, FIFA 11+, Non-opposed/semi-opposed/fully-opposed activities, fun team games and technical session related activities
  • Small Sided Game - The initial game component of the practice relates to the topic of the session. Formats can range from 3v3 to 8v8 and conditions affect the outcome of scoring or achieving success. This still must remain game related and is an opportunity to produce key moments of the game within the practice.
  • Isolated/Technical Activity – Also known as ‘analytical’ this could be in the form of a ‘phase of play’ where the focus may be on a certain an area of the field such as wing play, playing out of the back etc… or on breaking down a skill such as finishing, defending in small numbers etc.
  • Game – The end game re-visits the key factors and outcomes that have been targeted within the session. The onus is on players to make decisions based around the moments of the game within a realistic setting. Therefore the game must be as game-related as possible with two goals, off sides, two teams plus goalkeepers.